Friday, April 17, 2009

Kicked in Kickball


The last two weeks have not been kind to team Big Red Balls. After an auspicious start we haven’t been able to duplicate the magic from game one. Pardon the clichĂ© but we got taken out to the woodshed last night and lost by the score of 7-1. I believe we have a good team; we just need to come together a little more cohesively. Next week we have a double header in which we need to win at least one if not both games to say in contention for 1st place. Next week we will have individual entrance music to mentally intimidate our opponents. I will also return to wearing my black soccer socks, time to go Rogue.

If you want to come out and check us out we play Thursday nights at Candler Park. Game time this upcoming week (April 23rd) will be 6:30 and 7:30.



And like clockwork here are some random music videos for your entertainment.

1. The Last Goodnight - Poison Kiss

2. The Killers - Read my mind

3. The Pixies - Where is my mind

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